Tree Pose

Begin standing. Shift your weight to one leg as you lift the other leg off the ground. Place the foot of the lifted leg at either the ankle, calf, or thigh, NEVER at the knee!!! Make sure to keep the hip of your standing leg lifted and strong, don't let it pop out to the [...]

Garland Pose

From a standing position, move your feet to the width of your mat, or slightly further than hip width distance apart. Move your body down into a wide-leg squat. Keep your back straight and bring your hands to heart center and feel a nice stretch in your hips and inner thighs. You can use your [...]

Pigeon Pose

I like to move into this pose from three-legged dog, but you can also move into this from a tabletop position. From three-legged dog, bend the lifted leg at the knee and bring that ankle to the opposite wrist (i.e. – if the right leg is lifted, bend the right knee. Bring the right knee [...]

Lizard Pose

I like to move into this pose from three-legged dog. From three-legged dog bring your lifted leg’s foot through to the outside of the same arm (i.e. – if the right leg is lifted, bring the right foot to the right side of the right hand…so many rights!). Keep the shoulders even and square and [...]

Low Lunge Pose

From three-legged dog, bring the lifted leg through and set the foot between the hands. Move the back leg’s knee to the ground and lift the upper body with the arms overhead. Keep the spine straight and long and push into the hips to feel a nice stretch. Add a folded blanket beneath the knee [...]