Having done four days of plank work, I’m hoping your shoulder stability is ready to take it up a notch. No matter what’s standing in your way, work to accomplish your goals.

We are going to start our plank in push-ups position. Make sure your your pelvis is tilted up and under, squeezing your core and keeping your spine as straight as possible. Drop one arm down to your forearm, then the other side. Once down in a forearm plank, push back up into a plank on your hands. Control your breathing to stabilize the movement.

Plank up down are challenging, the biggest challenge being keeping your form. Focus on form and do as many as you see fit- remember to push yourself!

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Five days into the plank portion, I hope you’re feeling it! Next up Day 25: Plank Knee Ins! Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns or email me at