Cardio is Making You Fat


Cardio, which is short for cardiovascular work does just that- works your cardiovascular system. The purpose of the cardiovascular system is simple: Transport oxygen, nutrients, and hormones, protect the body with white blood cells and antibodies, and regulate body tempurature. 

You know what it doesn’t do? BURN FAT! 

From a scientific point of view, cardio raises your heart rate causing you to use more calories while performing this! Calories, not necessarily fat. 

The media has led us to believe that to lose fat you need to do cardio. In fact it’s on every piece of carido equipment sold. The chart showing the “Fat Burning Zone” is old science taken out of context.  

Cardio, when over done, puts excess stress on your body, irritates your joints, and sends mixed singles to your hormones. Even worse, when your body adapts to regular bouts of steady state cardio it encourages your body to hold onto stored body fat! Beyond that, if you have or are working to build muscle, excess cardio encourages your body to burn muscle as energy!

So instead of cardio, focus on resistance training. Resistance training encourages your body to build lean muscle which will work to increase your metabolism which helps you mobilize excess fat and use it as energy. It’s as simple as that.