If you’re anything like me, being overwhelmed with information hinders your ability to process. When this happened to me while applying different fitness and nutrition strategies I went back to the basics. I researched and educated myself in how and what to train. Once I understood what I was doing and why I was doing it, I started to see visible progress and well as a change in my physical and metal well-being.

From there is began to try out different nutrition plans. Again, I went back to the basics. I studied macro nutrients and how to adjust them to correlate to my goals.  I found so much value in learning the basics, that I now am bursting at the seems to share and help other people find their balance when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Finding balance in these two aspects then launched me forward, opening me up to more opportunities in health and wellness.

Below I’ve outlined baby steps, the basics, to getting your nutrition on point.

  1. Macro Nutrients Explain/Macro Counting Basics
  2. Calculating Your Metabolic Rate
  3. Setting Goals & Correlating Macro Nutrients to Achieve Them
  4. Tips & Tricks 
  5. Example Day 1 of Macro Counting
  6. Example Day 2 of Macro Counting
  7. Example Day 3 of Macro Counting
  8. Grocery Shopping List Ideas