My name is Brittany. I am 26 years old. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, striving for balance has gone beyond strength and physique goals, it has improved my quality of life. After years of struggling with digestion issues, acid reflux, and food allergies- I finally turned to nutrition. Once I learned the basics, I saw how simply it correlates with activity levels and different training plans. This is where my education really bloomed. I now am constantly reading articles and learning different methodology to better understand and apply health and wellness strategies to my life. If there’s a training plan out there, I’ve sweated through it. Every fad diet and nutrition trend, I’ve struggled through it and came out on the other side with a better understanding of myself and nutritional science. My progress and enthusiasm has left me bursting at the seams to share my first hand knowledge of health and wellness strategies with others that are looking to achieve a sense of balance in their own lives.