#30DaysToStrongerKnees Day 12: Wall Sit

Bringing it back to the old school moves with a wall sit. Against popular belief, wall sits are not supposed to be powered by your quads only. Using your glutes to hold your weight at this angle teaches you to keep pressure off of your knees.

All you need for this exercise is a wall. Start standing with your feet about hip distance apart about 1-2 feet away from the wall. Without shifting your weight forward, slowly sit down and back. At the bottom of your squat, push your back into the wall and squeeze your glutes to hold your position.

Your goal is to squeeze your glutes and hold good form for as long as you can. Focus on breathing and hold consistently. I would start by doing 3-5 wall sits for a short bout of time, then when you feel confident, hold for longer.

Make sure you post your video daily to the Balance In Motion Facebook Page or tag me in your Instagram or Twitter post using my handle and the hashtag #30DaysToStrongerKnees

If you’re uncomfortable posting a video, you can always post a motivational quote, picture, or something health and fitness related.Make sure to encourage others, and never, never judge! Again, this is a judgement free zone!

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