#30DaysToStrongerKnees Day 4: Body Squat

Finally, we have made it to the squat! One of the fundamental movements of exercise and one of the most complained about exercises for those with weak knees! That all changes now!

Start today by warming up with the first three exercises from this series. Once warmed up, you are ready to squat. Start standing with your feet about hip distance apart. Without shifting your weight forward, slowly sit down and back. Once you feel a good stretch in your glutes and hamstrings, squeeze your glutes together to return to standing. If you are warmed up correctly, these should be easy!

Your goal is to focus on stable and consistent form. Starting out, I would do 3-5 sets of 12-15 reps. You can move through your squats quickly or slowly with control, as long as you are keeping your weight in your heels and squeezing your glutes to control the movement.If you feel any pressure in your knees, you might need to spend more time perfecting the first three exercises from this series! This is crucial to your success because squats have endless variations and applications to your fitness and daily life.

Make sure you post your video daily to the Balance In Motion Facebook Page or tag me in your Instagram or Twitter post using my handle and the hashtag #30DaysToStrongerKnees

If you’re uncomfortable posting a video, you can always post a motivational quote, picture, or something health and fitness related.Make sure to encourage others, and never, never judge! Again, this is a judgement free zone!

One thought on “#30DaysToStrongerKnees Day 4: Body Squat

  1. Awesome! I’m going to do all 4 of these right now! Im starting to prepare my body to lift heavy, so following this challenge will be perfect for me :).


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