Deadlift/Hip Hinge

Hip hinging is the most crucial part of leg work. Working through this range of motion is an ideal way to get the most mobility, strength, and stability out of your legs. Make sure you practice this move when you are warmed up to avoid any tightness or injury.

The goal of this movement is simple, the setup is complex. To start, roll your shoulders down and back, locking your lats in place. Put you feet about hip distance apart and a micro-bend in your knees. Slowly lower down keeping the weight close to your shins, keeping your spine straight. Stretch your glutes and hamstrings back without bending your knees further. When you feel the deepest stretch, squeeze your glutes to return to standing.


Deadlift/Hip Hinge


Deadlift/Hip Hinge

2 thoughts on “Deadlift/Hip Hinge

  1. You are so right about this being a simple goal with complicated set up. This video is an extremely helpful tool! I know it took me so many tries in the mirror and squeezing different muscles to improve. Great work beautiful!


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