Adding movement to a plank can be very challenging but equally as rewarding. Nothing says don’t fall like something important underneath you!

We are going to start our plank in push-ups position. If you find this a bit too challenging, feel free to drop your knees. Make sure your pelvis is tilted up and under, squeezing your core and keeping your spine as straight as possible. Lift one hand and touch the opposite shoulder, then repeat on the other side. Use your breathing to focus and exhale and you tap each shoulder.

Shoulder taps can be done for time or reps, just focus on keeping your core engaged.

Make sure to post your video to the Balance by Brittany Facebook Page or tag me in your Instagram or Twitter post using my handle and the hashtag #30daycorechallenge & #10dayplankchallenge

Up next Day 23: Plank Leg Lifts! Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns or email me at

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