Russian Twists have gained massive amounts of popularity recently. As they got more popular, the variations got farther away from good form. Add in a weight, fury friend, or even a tiny human for extra resistance!

Start sitting on your tuckus with your legs out in front of you, knees bent, and just your heels touching the ground. Set up your hands in prayer position, elbows wide. The goal s to keep your spine straight and core tight as you rotate to reach your opposite elbow on the outside of the opposite knee. Return back to the starting point and repeat to the other side. Inhale as you reset, exhale as you twist.

You can make the exercise more challenging by adding a weight or lifting your heels off the ground or even both! Find a level that works for your body and your goals but challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone.

Make sure to post your video to the Balance by Brittany Facebook Page or tag me in your Instagram or Twitter post using my handle and the hashtag #30daycorechallenge

Stay tuned for Day 5: Bicycles! Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns or email me at

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