I’d bet money you’ve all done a crunch before. My goal is to make sure you are getting the most out of the movement.

Start lying on your back with you feet on the floor. To ensure you’re form is correct, we’re going to hold a weight of some sort. Keeping your arms straight up into the air, perpendicular to your body, you are going to crunch your core to lift your shoulders off the floor while pushing the weight straight up. Careful not to go forward over your knees, rather straight up using your core. Inhale when your core is stretched, exhale each time you contract.

You can do this exercise in several different variations, but the for is always the same: Crunch Your Core! Try dropping your knees from one side to the other to target your obliques. Lift your feet up of the ground to engage your lower core and you crunch the top. Or add in your own personal favorite, just make sure to focus on using your core instead of straining your neck!

Make sure to post your video to the Balance by Brittany Facebook Page or tag me in your Instagram or Twitter post using my handle and the hashtag #30daycorechallenge

Stay tuned for Day 4: Russian Twists! Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns or email me at

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