Mental Health Hacks

Wellness isn’t all squats and protein shakes. A crucial part to success in finding metal balance with your life. Allowing your goals to cross over into metal proactive health will help your actions transpire into a lifestyle. The following are a few ideas to try out to add variety to your days while keeping you on track to your goals!

Yoga: Social media has created this ahhhmazing safe and creative environment to challenge and commit you to your yoga practice. If you’re honest with yourself, we can all find space to roll out our yoga mat and practice. Maybe it’s a weekly routine on Sunday or maybe you can try out a #30daysofyoga challenge! No matter where you start, try to start. Winter may be long, but so are your legs and they could use a bit of a stretch, right?

Local Fitness Classes: Try any and all free workout classes at least once. You won’t know whether or not it’s a good fit for you until you try it! Sometimes the best place to start is in a group setting. With all age and skill levels, it’s easy to try to find out for yourself!

Volunteer: Wether it’s a structured position or just using your skills and talents to benefits others, seek out opportunities to better yourself by bettering others. Nothing makes metal health stronger like working with others, for others! You’ll never know the difference you can make till you try it.

Try Out all those Pins on your Pinterest Boards: Having the most pins does not equal success. Trying out those pins, learning along the way, and maybe finding success is the ideal way to make the most of these time spent and organized boards. Take the time, make a budget, and try out some of these recipes, workouts, cleanses, and proactive health tricks.

Set Weekly Minor Goals: You know deep down what your goals are, but how are you going to achieve them? Make them realistic by writing them down. Once they are set in stone, create an outline or baby steps to achieve them. If your goal is to eat healthier, make a meal plan for the week. If you goals is to lose thirty pounds, make a weekly goal to lose a pound a week. Whatever your passive goals are, making active goals to get there.

Pick a Day Each Week to Meal Prep: Nothing makes eating healthier easier that having a plan. Once you have a plan, set aside a day to prepare food for the week or a few days. Making this a habit will allowing you to feel confident and prepared when it comes to eating healthier. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Hire a Personal Trainer or a Wellness Coach: Maybe I’m pumping my own tires a bit, but truth is hiring a personal trainer is the best thing I ever did. Yes, that’s right. Even I had a fitness and nutrition coach for a bit. Beyond program development, they hold you accountable and motivate you along the way.

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