Common Workout Mistakes

As a trainer, it’s hard to see people around the gym making mistakes. The problems are not always the mistakes themselves but the fact that they are unaware that they are incorrect. You may have the best intentions designing your own workouts/workout plan but sadly it’s all too common to see flaws.  Before you give a self developed program a try, check it for the following common mistakes. 

Mistake #1: Cardio Only

Although cardio has respiratory and cardiovascular health benefits, it lacks log lasting results. You burn calories while doing cardio but once you stop so does the calorie burn. Including resistance training allows you to build muscle which has a long lasting calorie burn and boosts your metabolism indefinately. 

Mistake #2: Avoiding Weights

This point runs hand in hand with the first mistake. When you avoid weights, you deny your bodies abilities to build lean muscles mass, boost overall metabolism, and improve strength. Instead add in a few days of resistance training, hitting all the major muscle groups. 

Mistake #3: Doing Core Work First 

Getting abs may be your number one goal when walking into a gym, but that does not mean you should start your workout with core training. Instead, go through a resistance training program, maybe a bit of cardio, and end with abs when your body is warmed up. Working your core last will keep the muscles strong and tight for any resistance training and partially fatigued by the time you get to it!

Mistake #4: Poor Form

You may think you know what you’re doing, but when you don’t fully understand how and why to preform a certain exercise, you may be holding back your own progress. High school/college sports may have had weight training programs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you were taught correctly or that it applies to your current goals. Consult a friend who you know is knowledgeable or hire a personal trainer to get your progress off the ground. 

Mistake #5: Periodization/ Always Doing The Same Workout

Doing the same routine everytime you go to the gym will eventually force you to plateau. As your body adapts, you need to constantly change your workout routine to always challenge yourself and correlate to your individual goals. 

Mistake #6: Insufficient Rest Between Workouts 

Another mistake is being a bit too overzealous with your attendance at the gym. You may think working out every day is the fasted route to weight loss, but if you don’t give you body the proper rest it will never recover. Without rest you can hit a plateau, so make sure you take 1-2 days off weekly. 

Mistake #7: Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition is the most common workout mistake. Many people think not eating after a workout will allow you to burn more fat. That thought could not be more wrong. Make sure you follow every workout with a high protein and carb meal to allow your body to recover and repair. 

Do you have a self written workout program you’d like a second opinion on? Let me know, I would love to give you a free consult. Email me at

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