Tracking Macros When Eating Out

As much as I love to cook and eat at home, I still succumb to the ease of eating out every now and then. But how do you track macros when you don’t know the exact ingredients? Simple, you guess! Flexible dieting and eating out are a match made in heaven. The best part of flexible dieting is just that, flexibility! Once you find a bit if confidence in your tracking, feel free to freestyle. I’m not saying you should wing it every day, but the now and then it’s fine to guess. The important part is to be consistent with your diet!

Example: Say you are going out for sushi for a friends birthday! Who doesn’t love sushi! (You’re missing out if you don’t!) You decide to get a Volcano Roll, not the little dainty one- the legit one for someone with a real appetite.

Guesstimate Macros:

  • Rice: 60 grams of carbohydrates
  • Raw Fish: 40 grams of protein
  • Avocado, Amazing Sauce, Extras: 30 grams of fat

That’s it, that’s all it take. Be honest with yourself. (Maybe add a bit of extra fat just in case.)

You are only human. The best way to find balance is to stop fighting urges but find a way to make them fit within your nutrition goals. Eating healthy is only a chore if you make it one. I love cooking on Sunday’s, in fact I wish I had two Sunday’s a week so I could help others plan their weeks out. Maybe I would cook a few meals for my mom after decades of her cooking for me, maybe I’d cook for people who don’t know how or have the means to afford a fresh meal, or maybe even plan to cook with friends weekly.

Food is fuel. Fuel your body to the best of your ability and let the rest roll off your back!


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