How to Track Alcohol Into Your Macros

I frequently see people questioning how to track alcoholic beverages when they count macros.

Before I recommend anything I want to state that you should check to see if alcohol correlates with the time frame you would like to accomplish your goals. If you have lofty goals of a ripped physique, I advise you pass on alcohol all together. If you are looking to lose a bit of weight and tone up at a lifestyle pace, by all means make it fit your macros.

You have two options on how to count alcohol to fit your macros, as fat or as carbs.

1. Counting Alcohol as Carbs

  • Remember, carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram
  • Find the number of calories in the drink and divide that number by four

Example: 12 oz. Miller Light Beer= 96 calories Counting as carbs: 96/4= 24 Grams of Carbs

2. Counting Alcohol as Fats

  • Remember, fats contain 9 calories per gram
  • Find the number of calories in the drink and divide that number by nine

Example: 5 oz. Generic Merlot = 120 calories Counting as fats: 120/9= 13.3 Grams of Fat


My personal favorite: Guinness and yoga with foam rolling 🙂

Again, check in with yourself and make sure that you want/need the alcoholic beverage. In my personal opinion, alcohol slows your metabolism and has no nutritional value. It contains no nutrients of its own and can do damage to your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat. 

But, if you absolutely have to relax with a glass of wine or have a beer with dinner, try these low-calorie options:

  • Light Beers
  • Red and White Wine
  • Drinks on the Rocks
  • A shot of your favorite alcohol with diet soda
  • My personal favorite: Flavored vodka or rum with water.

Remember, drink responsibly within your macros and watch out for the munchies.





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