Three Ways to Make Your Program Stick

A Sense of Community

It’s common knowledge that a feeling of belonging and a bit of competition motivates people. The recent popularity of CrossFit and group exercise classes follows this trend. People love to know they are not facing difficulties alone. Seeing someone working right next to you, knowing someone who moderates their busy life to fit in workouts, and sharing struggles and victories in nutrition helps people to stick to a plan. So find a workout buddy, join a gym with group classes, or get your friends and family members on board for some proactive health and wellness lifestyle choices. This sense of community will help your plan stick by providing encouragement and acting as a safety net along the way.


 Along with a sense of community comes accountability. Whether you thrive on competition, need to place a bet with someone, or put a prize at the finish line, having a focal point and an end goal can be a great way to follow through with a plan. Once you have something established, let those who care for and support you know about your goals. Doing this solidifies your plans and creates a sense of urgency within yourself. If you’re planning to change your nutrition, take someone who lives with you along to the grocery store to share in the excitement of learning and trying something new. If you are setting a goal to go to the gym more, plan to meet a friend there a few days a week. If you are attempting to clean-up your lifestyle on the weekends, make plans so do something fun and active with friends, family, or a double date. Whatever your plans are, make it known to those close to you, encouraging you to follow through.

 A Holistic Approach to Healthy Living

 I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT BUY INTO A MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING SCHEME. I will not name names, but these businesses thrive on uneducated buyers. A “health coach” has just as much credibility as a parent who coaches little league. “Coach” is just a title not supported by any education credentials. Rather, take a holistic approach to health and wellness. Everything you need to nourish your body you can find at a grocery store. If you are extra picky and health conscious, find a store that retails organic and free range products. Spend the majority of your time and budget in the produce, meat, and seafood sections. Fill your body with nutrient dense foods instead of preservatives and lies. Also, Farmer’s Markets are your new best friend.

Don't give up!

What are ways you make your program stick?


2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Make Your Program Stick

  1. Awesome tips here! Accountability is a big one and I do this by setting numerical goals, both short term and long term. Creating a plan to get there and putting in the work each day makes it easy to stick with it if the goals are desired enough. Plus it’s a fun journey!

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