Bis, Tris, & Calves Workout

Although I love working my major muscles groups with corresponding minor muscles, I also dedicate a day to them. The following workout it broken into stations. Complete one station first exercise, second exercise, and third exercise three times through and them move on to the next. Technically this is called a tri-set: three exercises in a row followed by a rest. For this workout you will need dumbbells, a resistance band, and a pulley system. If you don’t have these three form of equipment, contact me at and I’ll help you with creative alternatives!

Station 1:

  • Hammer Curls 3 x 30
  • Tricep Kick Backs 3 x 15
  • Single Leg Calf Raise 3 x 10
  • 1 minute rest

Station 2:

  • Resistance Band Curls 3 x 10
  • Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extensions 3 x 10
  • Resistance Band Calf Extensions 3 x 10
  • 1 minute rest

Station 3:

  • 21’s 3 x 21
  • Rope or V-bar Tricep Extensions 3 x 12
  • Seated Calf Raises 3 x 12
  • 1 minute rest

I usually follow my minor muscle lifting days with cardio intervals. Pick your favorite! I’ve listed my favorite ladder drills below if you’re looking for something new! Again, contact me with questions or for alternatives >>>

Ladder Drills

  • Quick Feet
  • High-Knees
  • In & Outs
  • Three-up, Two-back
  • Icky Shuffle
  • Side Shuffle
  • Boxer Shuffle
  • Skipping Trunk Twists

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