Chest and Tris Tuesday

The follow is an example of one my isolated chest and triceps training days. I correlate sets and reps to coincide with my goals and current nutrition plan! Contact Me  with questions or for a free consultation!

Chest & Triceps

  • Bench: Always warm up with the bar or light free weights
    • Everyone loves to bench press but never double-check their form. Make sure you keep your elbows in and avoid flaring them. Keep  your feet on the floor and your shoulder blades pinched together under you to ensure you are solely using your chest to facilitate the movement.
  • Dips: Never skip dips because “you’re not strong enough”, find a variation that works for you:
    • Tradition Dips on a Dip Machine
    • Assisted Dips
    • Dips on the edge of a bench/box
  • Chest Flys: Regardless if you choose free weights, a machine, or cables, make sure you are focusing on muscle contraction and not just pulling weights.
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions: Remember, there are three heads to your triceps and you hit all three of them differently. Instead of focusing on where your elbows are, focus on moving the weight with your triceps alone.
  • Chest Press: machine or inclined/declined with free weights
  • Pushups: Again, focus on pushing upwards with your chest and not flaring your elbows.
    • Basic, incline, or decline
  • Tricep pushdown: Rope or V-bar


I’ve got to admit, not having to wear a bra is freeing! 

I correlate sets and reps with my current goals and nutrition plan. This is just an example. For something more specific or catered to your goals, Contact Me to discuss!

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