Tips & Tricks for Macro Counting


  • Don’t forget about our micronutrients!! Taking a daily gender specific vitamin is always a great idea!
  • Be careful with dairy! Most is high in fat, try to find low-fat options or soy/almond milk and yogurt products.
  • Eat endless amounts of greens and veggies! They are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, low-calorie/carb/fat, and rich in fiber.
  • Plan your meals! Go grocery shopping and prepare everything on the same day. Separate meals and snacks into grab-and-go containers, this will help you stick to your macros.
  • Protein shakes are your friend, your new best friend- get used to it!
  • Get an App on your phone! This is godsend to tracking your macros- MyFitnessPal even has a pie chart you can lookout to see your ratios point-blank.
  • Drink lots of water and then drink some more!
  • If you’re going to cheat, designate a day to do it. It’s better to do all at once then cheating a bit every day.
  • Alcohol? No reason not to indulge on in a while, but make a buffer in your macros for all the extra carbs.

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