Bold Body Basics- Dumbbell OnlyReaching your fitness goals is a challenge, especially if you lack a structured plan to get you there. In order to ensure you stay on track we’ve created a free at home workout program called The Bold Body Basics.

Week One: Legs

Week Two: Back & Biceps

Week Three: Shoulders

Week Four: Chest & Triceps


Stephanie Yoga


Are you in pain because you are moving poorly, or are you moving poorly because you are in pain? We all face tightness, daily stress to our bodies, and endless bumps and bruises along the road. Ensure you are moving well by adding yoga, mobility, and range of motion work into your fitness routine. Follow Stephanie as she guides you to your newfound fit and flexible self!




Confused where to start with your nutrition? Start by learning about macronutrients and find what best correlates with your body type, exercise habits and personal preferences. Tracking protein, carbs, and fat will lead you to success much quicker than calorie counting or under eating.

Egg Muffins

New habits are easier to maintain with a little help and guidance along the way. Keep up-to-date with nutritional tips and tricks, recipe ideas, and fresh perspective on your new lifestyle. The more you accept what you cannot change and take control of what you can the more success you will find.  The mental journey is just as tasking as the physical, remember you are not alone. Use these resources to set your sights and accomplish your goals.

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